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There are still no search dogs in your country? 

In many countries there are still no search and rescue dogs.

This has the often following reasons:

The application types of the search dogs are still unknown by the government authorities and emergency services the country has not enough money around to train search dogs

There are no experienced trainers for search dogs

Religious reasons prevent the work with dogs


Also in these cases we are ready to help. 

Our dog trainer is ready to support your country / your emergency service to built up a search dogs squadron. This support is also free of charge.

However the following points must be ensured:

Accommodation of the dog trainer for the duration of 1-2 years in your country

food supply and pocket money for the duration of the stay in your country

possibility of the taking along of the dog of the dog trainer into your country

2-3 free home flights to Germany for the dog trainer per year

official warranty of the project for the duration of 1-2 years

No dogs of Germany can be brought with to be trained in your country for searching dogs.

Only dogs of your country can be trained. But we are however helpful in the selection of the dogs.

At the beginning of the training the dogs should be 1/2 -1 year old, medium sized, healthy and balanced. Dogs trained for protection, dogs witch bite other people or dogs, are aggressive or that hunt other animals like cats, cows, pigs, goats are unsuitable for this training.

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