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Nothing - our applications is always free of charges


What kind of support do we need? 

We are a non profit organization, which executes free applications in seismic zones, but we do not get sufficient donations here in Germany to be able to pay a flight into a seismic zone. Therefore we need the possibility of a free outward flight and return flight with the airlines of the concerned state. Here at least 7 seats are needed, as well as some place for our dogs in the passenger compartment.

Our dogs cannot be transported in the cargo (the transport in the cargo means large stress for the dogs - because the dogs have to start immediately with the search for missing victims after the arrival in the disseaster zone, we must execute their transport as carefully as possible).

Also we must transport 3-4 boxes wirh our rescue material (approx. in each case 50 kg), 1 generator set and 7 backpacks.

For not loosing to much time the customs clearance must be unbureaucratically and fast.

For the transport into the seismic zone we need a transport possibilty (bus or helicopter).

Besides we need approx. 20 litres gasoline for our generator set and 40 litres water for us and our dogs.

Possibly we need an interpreter.


What don't we need?

We need neither meals still another accommodation. The teams of the SHS are so equipped that they can supply themselves 5 days in the seismic zone selfly-sufficient.



The teams of the SHS is insured. No costs arise for the alarming country if the teams hurt themselves or become ill in the disaster area

All teams are inoculated against diseases.


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